How I Started Reading Again

A colleague of mine recommended me a book. He showed me his sci-fi collection on his tablet. While listening to him, I never imagined reading from a screen compared to reading a real book. I simply nodded to everything he said expecting him to be done soon.

But he sold that book quite well and I decided to give it a try…

I got it on my phone and the pages were very short. Since it’s an ebook, the pages get transformed to fit whatever screen you have in your hands. In this way, you can go through pages very quickly on a smaller screen, which – in my opinion – is quite satisfying.

I read the book in 3 days. Just enough to get captivated by the magic books are all about anyway. But this time it was different. It seemed so convenient, as I could read anywhere, at any time, not having to bring along an actual book. I can remember that in the past, I’d tried reading on a tablet but that still required bringing the tablet along.

So I started reading in breaks, while traveling, while waiting. For the next 2 months, I managed to read over 10 books as it became a habit. A good one. Replacing the bad habit of staring at memes before bed. And since it’s a display, I no longer had to leave a lamp on to be able to see the pages.

After a year, the list of finished books grew to 30. So imagine buying and storing 30 physical books each year in a small apartment. Not a problem with ebooks!

By trying out reading ebooks on my phone, I truly rediscovered reading and started doing it every day. This is how, once again, I began staring at my phone. This is also how I began reading more than ever before.

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