The Good Month

A good thing comes about, and for a moment, we are happy. Then before we know it, we are onto the next thing, taking the whole situation and effort for granted.

At first, I thought it’s just growing up, becoming busier and not paying attention to all the little things. Now, I think it’s a total lack of gratitude towards myself and my surroundings.

How can it be that when things go wrong, my mind is on fire, going about how it could have been, for days… weeks? Trying to glue something beyond repair. And at the same time, quickly dismissing anything that brings a shred of joy. Like a piece of chocolate eaten the day before – a bite of happiness swiftly slipping into the past.

As a result of reflecting, I decided to try this…

When I experienced something nice or felt good for some reason, I noted it down in a list of good things that had happened throughout the month: a cozy lunch, satisfaction from work, pleasure of helping somebody… I would list anything that triggered a positive vibe – a vibe worth recalling and bringing along in the next moment I would need to be reminded that it’s not all bad.

Sometimes, I would try hard to think back and remember what had happened the day before, only so I can add it to the list. Doing that would ultimately make me remember a moment where I’d been happy or contributed to a larger task that I wanted out of the way. And each time I noted something down, I would read through the list of things that had happened the month before – remembering what would have otherwise been forgotten.

I don’t want my happiness to be a soap bubble, floating in all directions, dependant on the wind and its random inclinations, sensitive to anything it lands on: unfairness, frustration, bad luck…

I may be crazy but I would try anything to stay content, happy, and smiling. Wouldn’t you?

A video by KURZGESAGT on the topic

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