The Minimalists

If I’m asked for a podcast suggestion I would not hesitate – The Minimalists would be my immediate pick. No matter the country, the culture, the personality – there is a bit in it for everyone, if not a lot…

Joshua and Ryan are great to listen to. Their podcast is about lifestyle – one that makes you ask yourself about the stuff you own and if you truly need it in your life. You’ll definitely get rid of some items the first week you listen to their show, I guarantee you that!

They began their podcast focusing on the excess of items people keep in their households, and as you listen, you’ll discover that it’s far more than just about items – it’s about how you perceive things, people, and yourself.

You are about to hear that it is possible ‘to live a meaningful life with less’ and a few more things that are going to stick in your mind, making you question many of the decisions you’ve made, as well as influence many of the decisions you are about to make.

The podcast has over 200 episodes, with the early ones being one hour long. While that can be a turn off for some, you really don’t need to listen to them all. But you will.

The Minimalists Podcast

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